I've inherited Glide from my previous tenants, what's next?


In most circumstances, a party that inherits the gas and electricity from their former landlord, tenant or other responsible party is deemed liable to the energy provider they inherit until the energy service is transferred away. In the same way, we are obliged to continue to provide energy to the property in good faith that we will be paid for our services by the new inheriting party. This will be until they choose to formally enter into an express agreement with us or choose to transfer away to their new chosen provider.

When we takeover service from a property, we do so on the understanding that the party requesting the transfer has received consent to do so. We are providing the property with energy under a white label licence agreement provided to us by OVO.

As an energy provider, providing to a domestic property, we are unable to terminate the service except on request by an authorised party and on receiving proof that the property is long term unoccupied. This can only be done through a process of de-energisation of meters which requires an engineer visit and carries a fee.

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