How do you work out my water quote?

Your water quote is based on a estimate based on the information you provide when you join Glide (for example the location and number of tenants in the home) and our information on homes similar to yours.

We will only ever bill out what you would have paid if you had gone directly to the water and sewerage supplier plus a separate management fee as set out in our tariffs.

For tenants, we then divide the bills up equally and split them among the tenants. We also ensure that you don't have to pay up front for the whole year.

For landlords, we bill your entire portfolio on one bill and ensure that you can pay monthly instead of yearly in advance.

If the amount you are paying for water does not meet what you are using or the cost of the water bills, we may increase the monthly amount you are paying or raise an additional bill (split equally between all the tenants).

If the amount you are paying for water exceeds the cost of the water bills, you may end up in credit which we will refund to you (split equally between all the tenants) usually at the end of your agreement.