My tenancy has ended and I’m moving out, what happens next?

If you're moving out of your home, we'll try and make the process as smooth as possible.


All tenants are leaving the property

Tenancy end date

Please contact us to let us know the date your tenancy agreement ends. We may request a copy of your tenancy agreement to confirm when your tenancy ends.

Final meter readings

Please provide accurate final meter readings from your gas and electricity meters so we can work out how much energy you've used.

Returning your router

If you’ve got Glide broadband, please ensure you post the router back to:

Glide Returns
1 First Avenue
Maybrook Business Park
B76 1BA

Account closure

When leaving Glide, we'll issue a final statement within 6 weeks which will show your final balance. The final balance will take into account returning any deposit to you.

If you don't provide final meter readings, we'll close your account on estimated reads which may be higher than your actual readings. It's always best to take final meter readings when you move out.

Final balances

If you're account closes in debit, we'll issue you a bill in the normal way.

If you're account closes in credit, all you need to do is provide us with a valid UK bank account and forwarding address so that we can repay you. You can provide this information securely through your online portal.

If your account is in credit but one or more of the other tenants has a debit balance that hasn't been paid, please ask the other tenants to pay their debit balances so we can process your credit.

Further information

For more detail, please see our Cancellation, termination and account closure policy.



It's just me, everyone else is staying

If you are leaving your property because your tenancy has ended or for any other reason and you are looking to leave your Glide agreement too, we will need a little help from you to allow you to leave the account at the right time and only pay your share for the time you were there. 


Remaining Tenants Agree

When you join Glide you do so on a joint agreement with your other housemates. If you are leaving the property, they will need to cover your share of the bills which means their price will increase as a result of your departure. In order to obtain consent, Glide can request this from all the account holders on your behalf. We will offer them all a 14 day objection window and provided everyone agrees, we can remove you from the account from the date agreed. 


 Replacement Tenant

If you are leaving the property soon or have already left but you are being replaced by a new tenant, we can replace you on the Glide account provided the new tenant moving in agrees to pay. In this case, we recommend asking them to call our team directly to sign up over the phone. They can call us on 0333 666 5555. If you are not in contact with your replacement directly but can obtain contact details for them from your landlord, letting agent or fellow tenants, we can call your replacement you your behalf.


If your existing housemates don't agree to a price increase or a replacement tenant cannot be found, you will remain liable for your share of the bills with Glide until the original agreement comes to an end. If you have any questions about this, let us know at