What is Glide’s fair usage policy?

Direct customers

Customers who sign up directly with us do not have a fair usage policy but simply pay for the energy and water that they use.

We estimate how much energy and water you are likely to use when you join us and this is periodically reconciled (based on meter readings you provide) to calculate whether you are paying enough to cover your usage.

Where you're paying enough, we'll continue to collect the same amount. You may build up a credit which is refunded to you (split equally between the tenants) usually at the end of your contract.

Where you're not paying enough, we may increase your monthly payments or you may get an additional bill (also split equally between the tenants).

Bills-inclusive customers

If your property is bills-inclusive (i.e. your bills are included within your rent), you should speak to your landlord or letting agent directly about what limits there are on your energy and water usage as these are set by the landlord/agent not us.

It may also be set out in your tenancy agreement.

Acceptable usage policy

We do have an Acceptable usage policy which covers what you can and can't do on our broadband network and isn't related to energy or water.