What do I need to do to transfer to Glide?

Once all tenants have signed up, Glide will send through a request to transfer your energy over, from your existing supplier. To ensure there aren't any issues with the transfer, you should contact your existing provider and inform them that you are responsible for the energy, but that you will be transferring it to another supplier. This will prevent the supplier from 'objecting' to the energy changing supplier.

If you're not sure who your current supplier is, please contact your local network distributor who will be able to check for you. You can find out who distributes the electricity in your area by using this postcode checker - http://www.energynetworks.org

Sometimes, when Glide checks the appropriate national database for your energy supply, it's not always clear which supply we need to order. In these circumstances, to ensure that we don't take over your neighbours supply in error, we'll ask you for your meter serial number - it's really important that we ge this information as soon as possible. If you're not sure what the meter serial number is, please see What is a meter serial number and how do I find it? Alternatively, you can send us a photo of your meter and we'll do the rest.