Are Glide a bill management company?

We're not a bill management company for gas, electricity, telephone and broadband. However we do manage bills for water and TV licence.

Gas and electricity

We provide our own gas and electricity which is powered by OVO. We operate under their supply licence.

This means we operates like other energy suppliers.

Telephone and broadband

We provide our own telephone and broadband services too.

This means we deliver the services ourselves and offer a better service to our customers.


Every property in the UK has a fixed water and sewerage supplier. This means it isn't possible to transfer your supply to ourselves. 

Therefore we have no choice but to manage your water and sewerage bills with the existing incumbent supplier on your behalf.

In time, we hope that the water industry introduces more competition so we can supply our own water and sewerage.

TV licence

There is only one place to buy TV licences and this means we have to manage the licence with the TV licensing authority on your behalf.