I have a prepayment meter, do I still need to submit a meter reading?

Yes, you need to provide gas and electricity meter readings when you first move into your home, when you move out of your home and every 3 months in between.

Please see below instructions on how to read your prepayment meter:

On the front of your meter you'll see a blue button. Pressing this button scrolls through the displays, each of which can be identified by a letter or a number. The displays start from A and run through to the letter T or from the number 1 through to number 9.

After a few seconds the display automatically resets to display A or 1, so you may need to scroll through a couple of times to get all the information you need.

Scroll to H or 5 if you want to take a meter reading. (Economy 7 customers also need to scroll to J to get the night meter reading.)

If you have a white Quantum meter, the meter reading can be seen by pressing the Red Display button on the front of the meter.

Most Quantum meters have a window above the LCD display that shows the meter reading. Some meters have 2 LCD displays - the left one shows the meter reading.

The easiest way to submit a meter reading is by logging into your online account and clicking on 'My usage'.

Alternatively, email us a photo of your meter and we'll do the rest. Please ensure that the meter reading and meter serial number are both clearly visible in the same photo.

For guidance on reading your credit meters, please visit this article here