Where is my water meter and how do I read it?

If your property has a water meter (see "What's the difference between metered and rateable value water?") the most common places it can be found are:


  • In the ground at the end of your path/drive/front garden
  • In a box on an outside wall


  • Under the sink
  • In a cupboard closest to the front door
  • In the basement or in the downstairs toilet

If you're still struggling to locate your water meter, please speak to your letting agent or landlord who may be able to point you in the right direction.

You read the meter in the same way as you would read your gas or electricity meters.

For example, for the below photo, the reading would be 05029. To work out the reading you need to write down all the numbers from left to right including any zeros (ignore any numbers after the decimal point or numbers shown in red).

The serial number for this meter is 11BU094680.

If you aren't sure how to read your meter and you wish to submit a photo, please email the photo to us - please remember to ensure that the serial number and reading are both clearly visible in the photo (as with the above image).