How do I cancel or leave Glide?

If you want to leave Glide for any reason, we will treat the request promptly and make the process as smooth as possible. We'll try and work out why you want to leave and see if there is anything we can do to help.

You can end your contract by contacting us.


If you've just joined Glide, you have 14 days from when you first sign up to change your mind and cancel your agreement with Glide.

However this doesn't apply to any telephone or broadband service which you have asked us to start and we start supplying within the 14 days.

Early termination

Early termination is where you wish to end your agreement with Glide before the expiry of the minimum term.

Where there is more than one tenant at a property, we require all the tenants to agree to the early termination.

There may be early termination fees if you end your agreement early. Please see our Cancellation, termination and account closure policy.

Out of contract termination

Once your minimum term has passed, your can end your agreement with Glide immediately by contacting us except for telephone or broadband where we require 30 days' notice.

Closing your account

When leaving Glide, we'll issue a final statement within 6 weeks which will show your final balance. The final balance will take into account returning any deposit to you.

To make sure we can close your account quickly, please:

  • submit accurate final meter readings
  • send your tenancy agreement to us if we ask you to
  • return your router to us

More information

For more detail, see our Cancellation, termination and account closure policy.